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The Global IP Exchange is an exclusive, invitation only event that has been designed to provide today’s Corporate IP Counsel with new ideas, insights and information that will transform their department and increase the value of the company’s IP portfolio. Bob Cote will be presenting along with other highly regarded individuals in the IP industry.

His presentation, "Re-examining the Burden of Proof in Patent Litigation," will take a closer look at the potential ramifications of Microsoft Corp. v. i4i L.P.  The outcome of this controversial appeal may alter the evidentiary standard that litigants must meet to invalidate a patent. Bob will be reviewing the key issues and discussing the potential ramifications for patent cases involving questions of patent validity. 

The Global IP Exchange will tackle a wide array of crucial business strategy issues; from protecting your IPR in emerging markets to protecting against trademark infringements online. Attendees will be able to tailor their agenda by selecting from a range of presentations, strategic topics for discussion and one-on-one business meetings.

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