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McKool Smith principals Gayle Klein and Courtland Reichman will be presenting at the American Conference Institute’s Litigating and Resolving Advertising Disputes conference in New York City on June 19-20, 2012.

Gayle’s topic, “Evaluating When Settlement is Your Best Option,” will focus on deciding when to “pull the plug” following a lack of success in initial pleadings; ensuring effective coordination of settlement efforts between in-house and outside counsel; and utilizing emergency defense procedural tactics to facilitate settlement of the case.

Courtland will present on “Sidestepping the Litigious Consumer: Preparing for the Explosion of Class Action Lawsuits,” which will examine defeating class certification, working with the government to mitigate the risk of class actions, and bracing for the use of FTC and NAD decisions as a launching pad for plaintiff’s lawyers.

The goal of the conference is to take attendees through a hypothetical dispute involving the ins and outs of a false advertising case, while delving into the key issues at stake during all phases of a trial. 

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