Episode 11 of Behind the Trial features an interview with Sam Franklin, partner of Lightfoot Franklin & White, the Birmingham, Alabama litigation boutique he co-founded in 1990. Franklin has devoted himself to trying cases since the earliest days in the practice, cutting his teeth on small local cases and working his way to the level of the bet-the-company cases he is best known for and still tries today. A dyed-in-the-wool all-purpose generalist, over the course of his 40+ year career Franklin has triumphed in groundbreaking cases (in class and individual actions) that have been as novel as they have been varied and have often set legal precedent.

A fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, Franklin is revered not only by a near-unanimous number of Alabama peers but is also recognized nationally. Franklin is also a noted authority in appeals as well as trials, and his prowess in this specialty has also forged new law in Alabama.

Far from content to rest on his laurels after nearly 50 years in the practice and revel in his star status, Franklin not only continues to try cases today but also imparts his wisdom on younger lawyers at his firm.

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