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McKool Smith principal Lisa Houssiere was interviewed by Mealey’s International Arbitration Report on her observation on the impact of remote proceedings and video conferencing on how international arbitrations are resolved. Lisa shared, “The concept of virtual proceedings is nothing new for international arbitration practi¬tioners. Most steps in an international arbitration were already conducted remotely pre-pandemic from submitting the arbitration demand to holding case management conferences to conducting pre-hearing conferences on minor procedural issues. Oftentimes, the only step that was conducted in-person was the actual hearing or pre-hearing conferences on major procedural issues. Of course, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for more international arbitration hear¬ings to take place virtually. The paradigm shift in attitude is likely here to stay, at least for certain types of international arbitrations. The impact of resolv¬ing matters virtually means that arbitrations can be resolved more expeditiously and efficiently and with an increased focus on the evidence.” Read the article here.


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