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This coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2, has created a global pandemic that has caused thousands of cases and fatalities in the U.S. and has upended the U.S. economy. The economic turmoil caused by the outbreak is such that many businesses may not survive and will be forced into bankruptcy. With significant losses being incurred daily and no end on the horizon, businesses are turning to their insurers for as much badly needed coverage as they can find.

In this climate, businesses will turn to their insurers for as much coverage as they can provide. The breadth of this crisis may ultimately implicate many different kinds of insurance products on the market. Some of those situations are already all too real: costs for cleaning or other steps to address known or suspected presence of coronavirus on property, business interruption caused by the outbreak, including rising costs caused by supply chain disruption, and costs incurred for public relations or crisis management. Others are still largely hypothetical at this point, but will come into focus in the coming weeks and months: suits and other claims made against businesses for alleged negligence or mental anguish caused by actions taken or inaction in response to the outbreak. This White Paper, written by Robin Cohen, Marc Ladd, and Alexander Sugzda, will address strategies for maximizing insurance coverage in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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