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Meredith Elkins

Associate, New York

"After competing on mock trial and moot court teams for over a decade before graduating law school, I knew I wanted to join a firm where I could get inside a courtroom as quickly as possible. I chose McKool Smith knowing that I would work harder and gain more experience than anywhere else, and I was right. Within two months of passing the bar, I was sitting in a courtroom listening to the testimony of a witness I had prepped for trial. Several months later, I was in a different courtroom arguing pre-trial motions and helping select a jury. In between, I took and defended depositions, wrote countless briefs, and helped make substantive decisions to advance our cases towards trial.

My experiences so far have been varied, challenging, and almost always fun. Though we’re not always in the courtroom, the days spent brainstorming strategy or drafting dispositive motions bring their own satisfaction. Even the most stressful tasks are bearable with the right team, and I’ve been lucky to work with leaders at McKool Smith who value everyone’s input."

(Intern for the Honorable Lee Yeakel, U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Texas)

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