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  • Veronica Manning
    Associate, Houston

    "Within days of joining McKool Smith, I joined the litigation team for a multi-billion dollar case; within weeks I was preparing for and attending multiple depositions. The work at McKool Smith is both challenging and rewarding. It is one of the reasons I was drawn to the firm during my job search—at McKool Smith you are not just another associate, you are an integral member of a powerful litigation team."

  • Meredith Elkins
    Associate, New York

    "I chose McKool Smith knowing that I would work harder and gain more experience than anywhere else, and I was right. Within two months of passing the bar, I was sitting in a courtroom listening to the testimony of a witness I had prepped for trial. Several months later, I was in a different courtroom arguing pre-trial motions and helping select a jury. Though we’re not always in the courtroom, the days spent brainstorming strategy or drafting dispositive motions bring their own satisfaction. Even the most stressful tasks are bearable with the right team, and I’ve been lucky to work with leaders at McKool Smith who value everyone’s input."

  • Christine Woodin
    Associate, Los Angeles

    "I came to McKool Smith as a lateral hire. I was (and still am) excited about the patent litigation work the firm does, but was nervous about finding my place as a lateral and forging new working and personal relationships with new colleagues."

  • Erik Fountain
    Associate, Dallas

    "I came to McKool Smith expecting to get real, substantive trial experience. I haven’t been disappointed. Within my first few years of practice I’ve taken more than a dozen depositions across the world, drafted and argued critical motions in federal courts, and cross-examined key witnesses at a high-stakes patent infringement trial."

  • Mitch Verboncouer
    Associate, Austin

    "McKool Smith is a great place to be a young attorney. I was drawn to the firm’s high-stakes plaintiff-side litigation work. Litigation teams are organized with the idea that everyone will have something to contribute. This structure means I'm responsible for tasks that I find more interesting."

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