When individuals are embroiled in intra-business disputes or in a dissolution fraught with controversies, it is a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our litigators have helped clients navigate a broad array of complex intra-business disputes, resulting in large eight- and nine-figure recoveries through successful resolutions, settlements, and/or judgments.  Whether representing a law firm or other professional services firm, hedge fund, or start-up, our lawyers’ experience, reputation, and trial prowess draws both respect and fear from our clients’ adversaries.  We leverage our keen understanding of the underlying business and our financial and commercial acumen to drive the litigation strategy and fiercely protect our clients’ interests. 

Our lawyers are retained by corporate stakeholders for a broad range of intra-business conflicts, including shareholder or partnership disputes, management or governance issues, breach of fiduciary duty or fraud claims, dissolution, asset disputes, breach of contract claims, and/or misappropriation of business opportunities, among others.

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