Trust and estate disputes can be particularly challenging and stressful.  Having been in the courtroom for decades, on the plaintiff and on the defense side, our litigators passionately seek to help clients resolve their high-stakes inheritance disputes whether through settlement or trial when necessary.

Retained by trustees and executors or the individuals’ suing trustees and executors, we fiercely advocate on behalf of our clients’ interests whether the dispute involves questions related to validity of a trust, fraud, estate management, the propriety of distributions or asset allocations, petitions to modify/terminate trusts, real estate disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, or other aspects.

Our lawyers’ significant experience, knowledge, and success tackling high-profile and extremely sensitive trust and estate matters has been well documented.  Our client achievements include a successful probate verdict worth more than $2 billion—the biggest verdict in Texas probate court history, the ninth-largest verdict in American history overall, and the third-largest fraud verdict in American history. 

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