Our litigators have a long history of shifting crisis situations for clients within the infrastructure, industrial, and building sectors where hundreds of millions or billions of dollars are at stake. 

Market rate fluctuations and increasing outsourcing costs can lead to highly contentious disputes between construction companies, owners, government agencies, and financing entities. We understand the dense legal, financial, and technical issues around construction projects involving multiple claim components, including private-public partnerships, special purpose financing, breach of contracts, improper performance, fraudulent transfers, and ownership rights.  Retained by project owners, investors, general contractors, industrial manufacturers, or government entities, our team has a rich history of positioning our client for success in resolving bet-the-company cases.

Known for our business acumen, fierce advocacy and trial effectiveness our litigators are the obvious choice to advise on risk and litigation, to negotiate deals and resolutions, and when needed, to successfully win high-pressure trials.

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