Here’s why The Wall Street Journal calls us 
“one of the biggest law firm success stories of the past decade.”

  • We're effective trial lawyers
    You will simply not find a more prepared, hardworking, and devoted group of lawyers in the courtroom. Our track record speaks for itself: when we fight, our clients succeed.
  • We understand your business
    We take the time to understand your definition of success—from financial recoveries to avoiding disruption to minimizing negative publicity. After we understand your goals, we put a strategy in place to deliver the results.
  • We know how to assess risk
    Our trial lawyers work with our clients to evaluate risks and formulate solutions that make economic sense. This client-focused approach helps us create strategies that provide the greatest value and result.
  • We do our homework
    We pride ourselves on being the most prepared trial lawyers in and outside of the courtroom. Whether finding precedents to support a novel position or understanding the “hot buttons” that drive decisions on the other side, we marshal the facts and bring them to bear on your behalf.
  • We create compelling narratives
    Confusing or overly detailed arguments can sink an otherwise convincing case. We distill the key facts into a clear, compelling story that judges and juries can relate to.
  • We leverage our reputation
    Our reputation as a preeminent trial firm gives our clients a competitive edge in the courtroom and during settlement negotiations. Simply put, we know the courts, we know the judges, and we understand how juries decide complex business disputes.
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