McKool Smith was founded in 1991 with a core group of 13 trial lawyers in Dallas. Over the past two decades, we have attracted and retained the highest caliber of legal talent, increasing our resources to 130 trial lawyers and offices in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Marshall, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Our entrepreneurial approach means we serve our clients anytime, anywhere, and strategically widen our scope in anticipation of changes in the legal market. In 1996, we set up an office in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall), which quickly established a reputation as a "rocket docket" for patent infringement cases. Then, we prepared for the patent litigation boom by opening our Austin office in 2000 and launching our Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation practice. As the International Trade Commission (ITC) started to gain momentum as a popular forum for U.S. businesses to resolve their infringement disputes, we enhanced our IP practice with the addition of an ITC litigation practice.

The same year, McKool Smith opened an office in New York City and added a White Collar Defense practice in response to increased government enforcement and investigations as a result of the financial crisis. Two years later, we expanded into bankruptcy litigation with our new Houston office, timed perfectly to the national spike in bankruptcy filings and unsuccessful business ventures.

In September 2011, our firm made the push to the West Coast with the addition of Hennigan Dorman, a Los Angeles-based trial firm and we have an office in Los Angeles. 

Throughout every change and expansion, we have maintained a fierce commitment to the success of our clients and remain invested in a firm culture that fosters respect, trust, and collaboration. These standards—McKool Smith’s hallmark—enable us to deliver exceptional client service time and again.

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