McKool Smith’s Los Angeles office has raised $48,000 in support of the annual "Food From the Bar" (FFTB) campaign to benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. FFTB is an annual competition among law firms and legal offices in which participants contribute money, donate food, and/or volunteer time at their local Regional Food Bank to help fight hunger among children.

For the sixth time, our Los Angeles office secured the Highest Per Capita Award for raising the highest overall per capita contributions! The firm also received the Volunteer Award (for the most hours volunteering at the Food Bank) and the Finish Line Award (for raising the most money in the final 24 hours).

Food From the Bar is a grass-roots campaign started by lawyers in 2009. The campaign helps replenish food bank supplies to meet families’ increased needs during the summer months when children are out of school and are not receiving subsidized lunches and breakfasts.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s mission is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in the city. Since 1973, the Food Bank has distributed nutritious meals to millions of people in the region. One of the largest organizations of its kind in the nation, the Food Bank relies on the support of foundations, individual and corporate donors and volunteers.

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