McKool Smith Senior Counsel, Arvind Jairam, authored an incisive article dissecting the pivotal decision recently made by the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Kathi Vidal, in the case of Keysight Technologies Inc. vs. Centripetal Inc. The piece delves into the complexities of accurately evaluating inter partes review (IPR) based on prior art or arguments previously presented to the USPTO.

In his article, Arvind Jairam delves into the intricate details of IPR evaluations and highlights Director Vidal's clarifications regarding the Advanced Bionics test. This test is gaining importance and is becoming a foundation in the changing field of case law. Jairam's thorough analysis offers valuable insights that can benefit legal professionals and individuals interested in comprehending the modifications in patent law and IPR proceedings.

Read the full article here to understand this landmark ruling with in-depth analysis and key takeaways.


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