McKool Smith Principal Jennifer Truelove was selected as a "Top Women in IP" at the 2022 Texas Lawyer Awards. She recently had the opportunity to share her insights with Texas Lawyer the firms client wins and the unique culture that fosters collaborative teamwork resulting in tremendous success.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

What are some of your proudest recent achievements, and why?
Professionally, our recent courtroom wins our client PanOptis and numerous other client wins outside the courtroom certainly are at the top of the list. Our firm has a unique culture that fosters collaborative teamwork that results in tremendous success for our clients. On a personal level, I am incredibly proud to be a mom of two daughters and a son. I realized, very early as a parent, how important education is for my children’s future and have had the privilege to see my daughters excelling educationally and now pursuing advanced degrees at the University of Texas at Austin. My son continues the legacy of “top of the class” educational achievements as he motors toward graduation from high school.

What can law firms and other organizations do to more effectively move the needle on gender diversity?
It is important that law firms commit to having strong female partners who are receptive to mentoring and uplifting other women who join the firm. Recognizing the talent and leadership of women is a cornerstone to effective and collaborative success both in the courtroom and outside the courtroom. McKool Smith continues developing unique programs and events specifically targeted to help women lawyers succeed with business development, courtroom experience, networking, etc., and I have the privilege of being directly involved in leading theseinitiatives alongside other women in the firm.

What’s one piece of advice you would give that you wish you had been given starting out?
It’s important to grasp and celebrate that where you start is not necessarily where you end. The legal industry has many different paths. Remembering to enjoy the moment and be open to change and new challenges is paramount to growth. I started my career in the district attorney’s office handling CPS and child abuse cases and pivoted to commercial litigation with an emphasis on intellectual property. I understood it was okay to ask questions and to utilize mentors and resources around me to propel my career to where it is today. And I’m not finished! I am confident and ready to continue growing my experience and success with confidence.

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