Dan Levy's specialized experience and his commitment to client service have garnered acclaim from the legal industry's most respected directories and set him apart as a "go-to" litigator for white collar disputes. Dan's unique perspective can be attributed to his decade of government service as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. He conducted more than a dozen jury trials and argued more than 16 appeals before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, including several cases of first impression. Since joining McKool Smith, Dan has handled a number of significant cross-border investigations and prosecutions involving individuals and corporate entities. Continue reading to uncover more of Dan's approach to successful advocacy and learn why clients turn to him when they can't afford to lose.

Why do clients hire you?

Clients hire our firm because of the extraordinarily high level of service and attention they receive.  We do not have layers upon layers of lawyers, such that work is passed through several channels. This results in higher quality work-product and increased cost-efficiency for clients. 

Clients also hire us because of our track record and the results we produce. We try more cases annually and have more trial victories than law firms many times our size. This allows even our most junior associates to gain significant trial and stand-up courtroom experience very early on. They are truly battle-tested and contribute to achieving client goals in a way most associates – and even partners at other firms – typically cannot.

Discuss a noteworthy matter you’ve handled over the past year.

We have been representing two families that were victims of terrorism in their efforts to enforce more than $1 billion in judgments. The law in this area permits execution against the assets of the party that engaged in the acts of terrorism.  The law also permits execution against the assets of those who, among other things, provided material services to, or in support of, the party that committed the acts of terrorism.  This presents unique opportunities for judgment enforcement and, at the same time, significant complexities.

What differentiates your practice from others?

My practice is heavily cross-border in nature.  In these cases, the relevant events have taken place outside of the United States, the witnesses and documents are overseas, or a foreign authority is investigating the matter alongside US authorities.  When all three of these phenomena are present, the matter takes on an exponentially greater level of complexity.  These matters require strong cross-cultural competencies along with an acute understanding of the impact of foreign law.  At the same time, cross-border matters present unique opportunities; there are chess moves available in a cross-border matter that are unavailable in a purely domestic case.


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