Courtney Statfeld has become one of the legal industry's brightest financial litigation stars and has earned accolades from prominent legal directories such as Chambers USABenchmark LitigationLawdragon, and AmLaw among others. Her most recent achievements include securing a judgment on the pleadings in New York and a summary judgment in California impacting a broad swath of asset-backed securities containing billions of dollars of residential mortgages securitized in the early 2000s. Her high level of successes along with her tireless dedication to client service have become the hallmarks of Courtney’s practice and have solidified her reputation as a highly skilled litigator who can guide clients through their most complex financial disputes. Continue reading to learn more about what sets Courtney apart.

Why do clients hire you?

Clients hire me because I strive to understand their business goals and devise a legal strategy focused on helping clients achieve those goals. I work hard to understand my clients’ business sensitivities so our legal strategy and business objectives are aligned. Clients hire me because of my prowess in understanding complex financial services issues, superior client service, and tireless advocacy in the courts on their behalf.

Discuss a noteworthy matter you’ve handled over the past year.

My team and I recently secured a summary judgment on behalf of NAV LLC and Stephen Finkelstein in a novel case that may have far-reaching implications for thousands of RMBS trusts containing hundreds of billions of dollars that were securitized in the early 2000s. The case, heard in Superior Court of California, involved several residential mortgage-backed securities trusts held by Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. At issue was whether $75 million of deferred principal payments owed by mortgage holders who took advantage of home loan modification programs in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis should be factored into the price. In a first-of-its-kind ruling, the judge ruled that the price paid to investors should take into account the value of those deferred payments. This ruling sets the stage for fair compensation for investors in future clean-up calls.

What differentiates your practice from others?

I have extensive and specialized experience handling large-scale litigations involving complex financial products, and my clients seek me out for this proficiency. Additionally, I have a great team that works cohesively and efficiently, allowing us to produce the best outcomes for our clients. I pride myself on our team’s long-standing client relationships, which allow us to become integral to supporting our clients in crafting and implementing their business strategies over time.

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