McKool Smith Principal Nick Matich discussed a recent Federal Circuit opinion overturning a $2.2 billion verdict against Intel for infringing two VLSI microchip technology patents, which had been one of the largest patent verdicts in U.S. history. He noted that the decision “appears to be a win for VLSI” since it upheld the jury’s ruling of infringement of the more valuable of the two VLSI patents and largely left the overall damages methodology untouched, but that it “isn’t as interesting or important as it might be” if it weren’t for the Patent Trial and Appeal Board cancelling both VLSI patents in inter partes review proceedings earlier this year. He added that it is "the kind of outcome that should prompt parties to settle their dispute,” but “Intel has a pretty strong card to play with the patent being deemed unpatentable by the PTAB.” You can read the full articles here and here.


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