MARSHALL , TEXAS – Attorneys from McKool Smith helped to successfully secure a verdict of almost $74 million on behalf of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO).  The verdict resulted from a 10-day trial in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, in a patent dispute with competitor EchoStar (NASDAG: DISH). 

Jurors found that EchoStar infringed upon TiVo’s “TimeWarp” patent that allows viewers to record one television program while watching another.  The technology also allows for watching a show as it is recording and a storage format supporting advanced capabilities including pausing live television, fast-forwarding, rewinding, instant replays and slow motion.

The jury awarded Alviso, Calif.-based TiVo $32.66 million in lost profits from the sale of set-top boxes and $41.33 million in royalties that should have been paid by EchoStar on the sale of the company’s TiVo-like boxes. Littleton, Colo.-based EchoStar is the country’s second-largest satellite cable provider and had offered DVR for free to its DISH Network subscribers.

 “Promoting DVR capabilities as part of the EchoStar system was unquestionably a selling point for their service. However, the problem is, it is not their technology to bundle for customers,” said attorney Samuel F. Baxter, a Principal in McKool Smith and TiVo’s lead trial attorney. “If someone creates a technology, you have to respect their patent. You can’t just lift it for your own use and profit without contracting with the company and paying royalties.”

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