There has been extensive media coverage of the lawsuit McKool Smith filed on behalf of its client Alan D. Halperin, Litigation Trustee for the Tops Holding Litigation Trust, against the former owners and directors of the Tops grocery chain.  Below are links to the articles:

Tops Markets Trustee Blames Morgan Stanley for Grocer’s Bankruptcy, The Wall Street Journal (02-12-2020)

"A trustee for Tops Markets LLC creditors filed a $375 million lawsuit against private-equity backer Morgan Stanley Investment Management and other former owners, alleging they took hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal dividends that drove the grocery chain into bankruptcy in 2018."

Morgan Stanley Accused Of Draining Tops Markets Dry, Law360 (02-12-2020)

"The litigation trustee for the Tops Markets supermarket chain filed suit against former equity owner Morgan Stanley on Wednesday, telling a New York bankruptcy court that the firm drove Tops into Chapter 11 by treating the company as a piggy bank."

How Wall Street got rich bleeding Tops Markets dry, The Buffalo News (02-15-2020)

"A trustee in the Tops Markets bankruptcy case is suing the supermarket chain's former owners, including Morgan Stanley, alleging that they bled Tops dry by loading the company with debt, in large part, to pay themselves $375 million in dividends."

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