Jennifer Truelove, Samuel Baxter and Kevin Burgess, along with the Irell & Manella trial team led by Jason Sheasby, secured a $303M patent infringement verdict against Samsung. Since then, there have been several pieces of media coverage, including:

  • Netlist Wins $303 Million in Patent Damages From Samsung (2)Bloomberg Law (April 21, 2023) “Jurors in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on Friday found that Samsung violated five Netlist standard essential patents by continuing to supply products based on those designs after a licensing agreement between the two soured in mid-2020.”
  • Samsung Owes $303M Over Chip Patents, Texas Jury FindsLaw360 (April 21, 2023) “After deliberating for just about three hours, jurors arrived at a unanimous conclusion that Samsung owed Irving, California-based Netlist a total of $303.15 million for infringing a total of five patents, according to an eight-page verdict sheet. Jurors also indicated that they had agreed with Netlist's argument that Samsung's use of the technology was "willful," a finding that could potentially as much as triple Samsung's liability in the case, at the discretion of U.S. District Judge Rodney Gilstrap, who oversaw the case.”
  • Texas Juries Award a Combined $582M in Two Patent Trials FridayThe Texas Lawbook (April 24, 2023) “The jury awarded $33.1 million in damages for infringement of one patent, $147.2 million for the infringement of two other patents and $122.7 million for infringement of two additional patents, according to the jury charge.”

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