Dallas Principal Steven Wolens, who was recently elected chairman of the eight-member Texas Ethics Commission (TEC), spoke with My San Antonio just days before Texas legislators are to begin a 30-day special session. Gov. Greg Abbott called the session for July 18th to tackle 20 issues, including regulating which public bathrooms transgender people can use.  When discussing his role as chairman, Steve says, “I’m there to follow the law and I’m not there to espouse policy.”  Prior to joining McKool Smith, Steve served 24 years as a member of the Texas House of Representatives, authoring landmark legislation covering partnerships and limited liability corporations, antitrust laws and electric deregulation.  The article also discusses Steve’s efforts to pass a comprehensive overhaul of ethics laws, including a ban on statewide officials and legislators from taking campaign contributions from the end of the regular legislative session up to the deadline for the governor to veto bills. 

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