Law360 published an article on the Minor League Baseball (MLB) team’s lawsuit against insurer over the losses stemmed from the season cancellation. The MLB argued, although the insurer does not cover virus, bacterium or other microorganism caused damages, the cause of season cancellation is unclear whether it is a result of COVID-19, government order, or the MLB’s decision. In addition, “the exclusion is unenforceable because the insurance companies got it approved through misrepresentation to state insurance commissioners.” Moreover, the article also noted that “the civil authority coverage, while the insurers argued that the teams were not prohibited from accessing the insured stadiums or surrounding areas, the teams said they did allege that the orders closed nonessential businesses, and citizens were ordered to stay home.”

The MLB teams are represented by McKool Smith principals John BriodyJ. Michael Hennigan, and associate Patrick Pijls. For more information, click here for the full article.

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