McKool Smith is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference being held October 13-15. The conference has the well-earned reputation of being the ”go-to annual gathering” for judges and lawyers to discuss a broad range of cutting-edge legal topics. 

McKool Smith Principals Sam Baxter, Doug Cawley, Travis DeArman, and Jennifer Truelove will be participating on the following panels:

  • Sam Baxter & Doug Cawley - "The Hindsight Track: What Seasoned Lawyers Will Share with Young Lawyers and Old Alike about Career Missteps and Lucky Breaks"
  • Travis DeArman - "People are Getting Hurt Out There and Not Only Because Their Patent has been Infringed: Hot Topics and Emerging Areas of Law – Qui Tam / Class Action / Trade Secret"
  • Jennifer Truelove - "Lunch Presentation: A Behind-the-Scenes Review of Successfully Prosecuted Civil Rights Cold Cases Involving Assassinations and Fire Bombings from the 1960s"
  • Jennifer Truelove - "From Making the Pitch to Handling the Case: Dos and Don’ts Through the Eyes of In- House Counsel"

Learn details of the conference here.

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